• Blue Universe Glitter Quick View
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      Blue Universe Glitter Quick View
    • Blue Universe Glitter

    • £89.00
    • Blue Universe Glitter, digital pdf manual, by Lavinia : Enhancement of Psychic Gifts, Resolution of False Beliefs, Open Spiritual Channels & More Founder Lavinia Sina Szendrei Levels 1 About: Lavinia writes in her manual that this is a Highly magical and extraordinary energy from the depths of the cosmos. A high vibrational balm for the body mind and soul... The…
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  • Mega Power Spell Breaker Quick View
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      Mega Power Spell Breaker Quick View
    • Mega Power Spell Breaker

    • £199.00
    • Author Lavinia Sina Szendrei Lavinia says this is a high-magic energy system. From the manual Lavinia writes that her Mega Power Spell Breaker is one of the best emergency helpers !! Lavinia states it is the merciless destroyer of spells, witchcraft, imprecations, curses, negative intentions, black magic and negative energies of ANY kind !!! Further Lavinia states that any preexisting…
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  • The Evocation Quick View
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      The Evocation Quick View
    • The Evocation

    • £99.00
    • The Evocation..by Lavinia - Remove Negative, Unwanted Entities, Open Doors and Gates to the Spiritual World The Evocation...contact to the spiritual world. Powerful magic, which opens doors and gates to the spiritual world. A huge simplification and support for all professional mediums or people who wish to become one, or those who eagerly seek contact with the spiritual world. Finally…
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