White Fir Essence Attunement – Ramon Martinez Lopez




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Respiratory system, fever, muscle aches, rheumatic pain, destructive family patterns, addiction

It has been known for its help with the respiratory system, fever and muscle aches as well as rheumatic pain.

The Fir tree and its beautiful shape is powerful in its benefits to protect and connect. All trees bring us a sense of connection and grounding to our   generational roots. Sometimes the things we have inherited from our ancestors include beliefs and behaviors that are not healthy.   White Fir can help in revealing these unhealthy patterns and allow us the choice to not be held back any longer by destructive family patterns such as addictions, abuse, alcoholism, tempers, codependency, eating disorders, the need to be right.

When moving beyond the unhealthy roots of our past, white fir offers a refuge and protection to encourage you to stay true to your path of healing, even when your family might oppose your choice to leave unhealthy patterns behind.



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