Uranian Magick Angels



Uranian magick angels

Uranian rays of higher love empowerments

There are 8 Attunements included in the Uranian Magick Angels Empowerments. They are:

  1. Uranian Angels
  2. Angelic Star Ray
  3. Uranian Earth Star Ray
  4. Uranian Rays of Creation
  5. Uranian Kundalini Fire Heart Empowerment
  6. Cosmic Head Kundalini
  7. Uranian Cosmic Etheric Prana Empowerment
  8. Uranian Dragons Pillars of Cosmic Fire Empowerment

Founder Ramon Martinez Lopez

With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunements and a certificate.

“Before love there was nothing, after love there is everything”

Uranian light is the First glow of love coming and forming the earth.


Uranian First light Earth thrived 18,000,000 years ago.

Uranian First light put The astral body of beings into true contact with the souls.

It is a higher vibration of violet flame with Gold-black-turquoise color

The Uranian characteristics; where love becomes compassion, give wisdom that is not dependent leading to reasoning, a love that is not permanent upon one object alone, but includes all that lives and moves and has its own being, being similar to the characteristics that are to be grow by humanity when perfect love shall have shine with no fear, when human beings shall have conquered all the lower phases of his nature and love shall be as pure as it is universally inclusive.

The uranian characteristics have temples of light, they are cosmic and are represented by the Spheres of cosmic power, and by pillars of fire.

Uranian compassion; there the love when is for one particular person, becomes all inclusive so that it embraces all humankind regardless of sex or any other distinction, for it is the divine love of soul for soul which is above all material considerations of whatever nature.

It cleans your dna to connect with a higher soul compassion oversoul and be embedded with joy.

We must learn the lesson of work for a common purpose. The people who have this Uranian love therefore become builders of society.

Uranian rays are raised beyond the realm of sex love to cosmic proportions in the three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

it is in a Line of Energy Flow to the Heart Center:

Unarian light awakens your inner and unique light of creation not depending on higher or external forces.

It is a Conduit for Energies from the Creative:

in connection with the Creative forces upon our planet, from one of the stars in the Great Bear and beyond.

The energy of the seventh ray is embodied into the uranian light, for the seventh ray is the ray which relates spirit and matter and brings together electric fire and fire by friction, thus producing manifestation.

Uranian influences;

brings about desired changes and produces those new conditions which will help the soul of humanity to express itself more freely,

Expressing the qualities and bringing in the energies of the seventh ray, in one case, and the third ray in the other.

in Relation to Intuition:

cause the great transference in the human consciousness from intellectual perception to intuitive knowledge.

It is Directly Related to Third Ray Activity:

the Earth and cosmos, are directly the product of this third ray activity.

The second ray of love and the seventh ray which fuses spirit and matter of the solar Logos are in the fullest eventual cooperation.

It means also that knowledge can be transmuted into the way of wisdom and light. This necessarily brings in the will aspect or the influence of the first ray blended with the seventh ray producing the desired manifestation upon the physical plane.

Uranian light in Relation to the Processes of Concretion and Manifestation:

it is the ruler and is of supreme importance for the seventh ray to work through this uranian light and is the embodiment of the principle of concretion and the materializing of that which is in need of objective manifestation, through the bringing together of spirit and matter. It is here that the whole mystery of money display and the creation and production of money.

This speed up and awakens your consciousness to higher truth while causing the cells in your body to recognize living light as nutrition. Your physical body is fortified and can more easily support your evolution into infinity, marked by embodying higher light frequencies now.

It is for releasing all the blockages in your bodies and earth to remove all the negativity. Good for protection too.

It increases the energy on your light bodies an surroundings.

Very powerful.

violet ray of Transmutation

white ray of Purity

blue ray of Will

aquamarine ray of Clarity

yellow ray of Wisdom

red ray of Devotion

orange ray of Divine Purpose & Joy

green and pink ray of Truth & Love


like reiki


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