Toad Bufo Alvarius




By Ramon Martinez Lopez

Known as “the toad of the dawn” or “the Sapo DMT”. Live in the present beyond illusions. Sexual-emotional disorders, abuse, additions, guilt conflicts, determents your disconnection of your true self. DMT is released by the pineal gland while a person is approaching death. Thus explaining the imagery reported by survivors of near death experiences. This to the beginning of the soul. He often referred to the drug as the “God molecule” or the “spirit molecule”.

Effects of DMT:

* Intense visuals

* Altered concept of time

* Stomach discomfort

* Overwhelming fear

* Lung irritation

* Increased heart rate

* Increased body temperature

Using DMT can be a serious health risk that can result in death. Users can go into a state of unconsciousness or a drug induced coma. 5-meO-DMT a neurotransmitter molecule from the glands of the Bufo Alvarius, a toad living in the Sonara (Mexico) desert – is one of the deepest experiences, that a human being can obtain on this planet at any level: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

This empowerment breaks the chemical filters that the human mind uses to prevent a continuous state of perception, awakening and complete consciousness. These filters are necessary for our day to day life, as they help us to function in this three dimensional reality, limited by space and time.

As soon as we open those filters it seems that we are finally able to put our ego to sleep and then go into a state of deep meditation, that means that we would be able to access the superconscious part of our mind, our true nature, oneness and unconditional love. With this empowerment you do not need the chemical. Effects and dangers of bufoteina and DMT are suppressed.


What you receive:

Manual written by Ramon Martinez Lopez

Attunement via chi ball

Certificate after receiving attunement


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