The Iahum Empowerments



The Iahum Empowerments by Ramon Martinez Lopez – Negative Energy, Protection, Clean Pranic Channels, Nervous System, Kundalini, Opens Pineal Gland

An ultimate healing system by  Ramon Martinez Lopez

Iahum means the dragon breath of god.

It completely burns up the garbage we store in the deeper levels of our being

It converts most of the negative energy released in this process into healing energy that heals us

It blows away all the remaining negative energy that we’ve released.

Through working with this energy you can:

Take responsibility for our own mistakes

Stop blaming others

Release our shame

Release our guilt

Accept ourselves

Forgive ourselves

Love ourselves

So we can choose, peace, courage and happiness

Some uses/benefits of this system are:

You can heal your heart.

You can clean your pranic channels

You can put extra energy in your spiritual body

Cleans your nerve system

Cleans your kundalini

It opens your pineal gland to new frequencies of the universe.

It increases the electromagnetic flow in your body and aura

It increases the oxygen intake in your brain

It clears your mind for decision making.

You can be more present here and now.

It activates the picture with a potent and protective energy

It cleans your blood cells and strengthens your physical heart

Good for bone Marlow problems like leukemia

Good for varicose veins

Arterial disorders

Inherited family disorders related to your blood

Electromagnetic field that affects oxygen intake


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