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Heal DNA, Restore Soul connection, Heal Soul Wounds, Rejuvenation, Heal Organs, Balance Chi Energy, Speak Your Truth

The Hotsuma Futomani system

Here you are attuned and empowered to the origins of reiki.

The origins of Futomani chart

Toyoke, lord of the Japanese northern, drew up a chart using 51 phonetic symbols to represent the 49 deities residing in the heavens. This he presented to his daughter Isanami and her spouse Isanagi, 8th in the line of divine rulers of Japan.  

Amateru, sonof Isanagi and Isanami, had his nobles compose poems based on Toyoke’s chart.From these, he selected 128, which were then set down as the Futomani Book of Divination (the origin of Shinto divination rituals).

THE BOOK OF HEAVEN AND THE BOOK OF EARTH were published by Kushimikatama-Wanihiko around 600 B.C. and the third part THE BOOK OF MANwas registered by Ootaneko.

The symbols A-U-WA in the inner circle represent Amemiwoya, the creatorof heaven and earth.

The Amemiwoya (majestic Heavenly Ancestor) deity  

We are the result of A and WA and the hara strengthen our connection to original energy.  

a-    Represents the light

u- Represents the principle of life, you

wa- represents the vital force of life. Focus, power


  • Restore your soul connection,
  • Heal soul wounds
  • Rejuvenate physically
  • Heal your organs
  • Balance your chi energy
  • Speak your truth
  • Be center

Use for healing, protect yourself, your space, and meditate.




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