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If you have never tried a Tantric massage, then the experience will impress you deeply, it will not resemble anything you have tried before. In Tantra your body is seen like a temple of your soul, and so it is getting treated correspondingly. Unlike the therapeutic and sensual massage practice of the Western world based mostly on anatomy and physiology, the Tantric massage is rather a spiritual practice that affects your psychic-energy centers – chakras, and allows the energy to freely flow through your body connecting your physical frame and your inner self. Thus you achieve the harmony between your body and soul, and even the whole universe. It makes you open to new pleasant sensations, far more intense and prolonged than you have ever experienced.

The energy goes to your seven main chakras to balance male and female energy, or ying-yang aspect

The main idea of Tantra is to move your focus from the end-result to the process itself. When you are not fixated on a quick release, you start enjoying the things you might never pay attention to, and then, surprisingly for you, you finally reach more powerful and explosive climaxes than you thought was possible.

The Tantric massage lasts longer than your usual massage session and combines chakra energy work with a full-body and a lingam or yoni massage. There is no point in rushing anywhere, as you know already that you have to concentrate on every single step of this almost sacred Tantric ritual and stop thinking about the finale. A Tantric massage session may include a sensual bath or a shower while the usage of fragrances and candles will help you to relax, clear your mind of all thoughts like during meditation and concentrate on your sensations. It is also very important to create the connection between a masseuse or a masseur and a receiving person, so you will learn more about the breathing pattern adjustment techniques, the importance of the eye contact and some other specific Tantric rituals designed not only to relax or excite you, but also to make you feel like a newly-born. You undergo a total transformation.

Doing physical massage or not. It is very healing.

Used to balance the male-female energies in a couple.

Tantra attunements practitioners see the lingam and yoni massage as not mere stimulation of the most powerful erogenous zones, but as awakening and honoring of the sacred male and female creative energies. When one’s sexual energy is raised high, then it can be spread throughout the whole body and even used for healing and renewing, it can remove all the traumatic emotional blocks and in the end you feel a new and better self, more content, tranquil and surprisingly refreshed and full of energy instead of utterly exhausted and spent. With the Tantric massage techniques you will be able not only to experience the higher level of pleasure, you will achieve the harmony between your body, soul and mind.

Can do distant healing with tantric energy

You can make your massage with oils and essences after these attunements and activate any time you want.

If you are an amateur of massage, you don’t worry the energy goes perfect after the attunements.

You can feel touch in different erotic-tantric manners with no even physical touch. This is the spiritual tantric energy from the masters of tantric spiritual light.

Create a sacred and relaxing space before you perform the massage theses energies are consecrated like your bodie


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