Shamanic Soul Recovery



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Ancient shamans knew something that is vital and relevant for our healing in modern times – the understanding that in the course of any life we are liable to suffer soul loss, the loss of parts of our vital energy and identity.

Emma draws on powerful cross-cultural Shamanic practices and Mystery Traditions to help you to journey back through time, recover lost pieces of your soul, so that you can experience greater wholeness, energy and passion for life. She will help you to reconnect with your magical child and entertain your creative spirit to gently and lovingly “re-ensoul” yourself

In order to be whole and well, we must find the means of soul recovery.

Soul loss has many causes…

The world seems too cold and cruel, and part of us goes away. In cases of profound trauma, splitting from our soul may be a survival mechanism.

Our soul may leave because we are compelled to make a wrenching life choice..

We grieve the death of a beloved person, and part of us follows that loved one, even into lands of the dead.

We can lose soul because we refuse to take on the assignments that nourish and entertain our creative spirit. Soul leaves when we won’t follow dreams.

How do you know you have soul loss?

Common symptoms of soul loss include chronic fatigue; emotional numbness; chronic depression; feeling spacey; addictive behaviors; low self-esteem; inability to let go of past situations or people no longer in your life; dissociation and multiple personality disorder; obesity or unexplained weight gain; abusive behaviors; absence of dream recall; recurring dreams of locations from earlier life, or of a self separate from your present self.

Some people try to fill this “hole” with relationships, addictions, success, or any number of distractions, but the truth is that the nagging sense of emptiness never goes away.

So how do we address this common malaise that shamans diagnosed so precisely millennia ago?

One method to address soul loss, soul retrieval, refers to a shamanic operation in which the practitioner makes a journey on behalf of a client to locate lost aspects of soul, brings them back, and transfers them to the client’s body, often by blowing them into energy centers such as the heart and the crown of the head.

Soul recovery, by contrast, is a broader, gentler and mutually empowering approach in which the practitioner helps you become a shaman of your own soul and healer of your own life.

The practice of soul recovery is, in no small part, a process of dream recovery. Many of us in modern society are suffering from a protracted dream drought. From an indigenous perspective, this is a very serious condition.

When we remember dreams, we may find that they show us where our missing parts have gone, opening portals for shamanic journeys we can take in order to reclaim the energy and imagination of our younger selves.

You will discover how to journey, with the aid of Shamanic Visioning – you will also connect with a larger field of energy as well as with beings who can help guide your path, ranging from ancestors to guardian animal spirits to your Higher Self.

Opening to the practice of Soul recovery can turn your nights into a time for transformation, healing and receiving valuable guidance.

Course Content

31 pdf modules

21 Audio

3 Videos


Module 1


Audio: Active Dreaming for Life Juice and Guidance


Module 2

Dreams and Dreamwork

Did we always Dream?

Dream Interpretations

Dreams are Multidimensional

Dreams from a Scientific Point of View

Dreams from a Psychological Point of View

Dreams from a Metaphysical Point of View

Some Tips for Inviting Dreams

What is Dreamwork?

Techniques of Dreamwork

We can use Dream Drama

Guidelines for Dreamwork

Audio: The Dream is a Place


Module 3

Shamanic Dreamweaving

What is Shamanic Dreamweaving?

So, what is a modern Shamanic Dreamer?

How to Become a Dream Shaman

The Difference between Soul Retrieval and Soul Recovery

The cost of Typical Dreaming

Exercise: Meditation for Mental Relaxation

Ten Core Principles of Shamanic Dream Interpretation

Travel with your Dream Body

Finding the Dream Stone

The Bridge Between Reality and Dreaming

Six Steps to Conscious Dreaming


Module 4

Asklepion Dream Healing Temples

Journey to the Temple of Healing

Audio: Shamanic Journey to the Temple of Healing


Module 5

What is Soul Loss?

What Causes Soul Loss?

Symptoms of Soul Loss

Why does the Soul have a Hard Time Staying in the Body

Where does the Soul go when it Leaves

What Role does Addiction play in Soul Loss

What is the difference between Spirt and Soul

What are the Key Elements of Soul Recovery

Are there other ways to experience Soul Recovery

Audio: Soul Loss


Module 6

Ancient Dreamers

The Iliad

Roman Interpretations

Anishinaabe (Ojibwa spiritual teachings)

Australian Aborigine Dream Beliefs

Timeline of Dreaming


Module 7

Experts in the Field of Dreams



Carl Jung’s Archetypes

Calvin Hall

5 Key Concepts Revealed in Dreams

Alfred Adler

Frederick Perls

Perl’s Theories and Perspectives

Theories about Project and Gestalt

Edgar Cayce

Carlos Castaneda

The Dream Freud Missed

Precognitive Dreams and Famous People


Module 8

Different Types of Dreams and their Meanings

Normal Dreams

Venting Dreams

Integration Dreams

Breakdown Dreams

Recurring Dreams

Precognitive Dreams

Wish-fulfillment Dreams


False Awakening

Lucid Dreams


Repeating Dream

Healing Dream

Prophetic Dream

Epic Dreams

Progressive Dreams

Mutual / Shared Dream

Prodromic Dreams


Module 9

Hypnagogic Visions

The Hypnagogic and Hypnopompic States

Dream Signs

What is Hypnagogia Like?

The Tetris Effect

Sleep Paralysis

What Causes Hypnagogia

Hypnagogic Exercises

Visual Doorways – Stepping into a Picture


Module 10

Listening to your Dreams can Help you Solve Problems


Module 11

Dreams and Imagery

Finding the Living Core of a Dream

Guidelines for Exploring

Exercise:   Candle Visualization

Visualization Exercise for the Five Senses

Visualization for Mental Relaxation

Audio:       The Stronger the Imagination the Less Imaginary the Results


Module 12

Partnering with Spiritual Guides

Your Authentic Spiritual Allies

Power Animals and Teachers

Different types of Guides

Exercise:   Meditation and visualization technique for Spirit Guides

Audio:       Meet your Spirit Guide

Spirit Guides

Animal Spirit Guide Healing

Power Animal Retrieval

Connecting Dreamtime with the Animals

Video:       Power Animals & Native Nights-Native American Indian Meditation Music-Healing soft sleep music-Niall


Module 13

Your Power Spot – Gateway to the Spiritual World

What Makes these Places Special

How to Work with Power Spots

How to Find your own Power Spot

Journeying from your Sanctuary

Exercise:   A meditation to your Sanctuary

Audio:       Sacred Garden


Module 14

Dreams that Changed the World


Module 15

Embodied Dreamwork – Understanding your Dreams through Movement and Play

Module 16

Catching your Dreams

Rewind, Replay, Review

The Snooze Alarm is your Friend

Questions for Contemplation


Module 17

Shamanic Visioning

How you Limit your Imagination

Why Use Imagination?


Module 18

Shaman’s Cosmos


Module 19

Preparing to Journey

Preparation is the Most Important Part of Journeying

The Practice of Journeying

Shamanic Drumming

A Bridge to the Spirit World

Video:     Jade Wah’oo Grigori

Michael Harner 30 min solo drumming

Sandra Ingerman Experiencing the Shamanic Journey


Module 20

Shamanic Soul Flight – the Shaman’s Passage to the Spirit World

What is the Shamanic Journey or Soul Flight?

How does one Journey?

What is the Journey For?

Destination and Purpose

What does the Journeyer Experience?

Can I Journey?

The Shamanic Journey in Perspective

The Different Worlds

The Four Chambers of the Lower World

Exercise:   Lower World Journey


Module 21

Dream Symbols

At the Core of our Dreams are the Images


Module 22

Shamanic Dream Portals

Where can you find a Portal

How to Enter a Portal

The D.R.E.A.M. formula

Dream Declaration Meditation


Module 23

Shamanic Dream Incubation

What is Shamanic Dream Incubation?

Techniques of Shamanic Dream Incubation

Video:       Dream Incubation


Module 24

Shamanic Dream Re-Entry

Dream Re-Entry Adventures

Exercise:   Journey Down the River of Dreams

The Elevator of Time


Module 25

Dream Recall

Techniques for Dream Recall


Module 26

Dream Journal

Video:       How to Keep a Dream Journal


Module 27

Dream Aids

Dream Altars

Video:       How to Create an Altar

Feng Shui

Celestial Waters

Dream Stones


Module 28

Children and Dreams


Module 29

Nightmares and Sleep Paralysis

Recurring Dream & Nightmare Resolution Exercise


Module 30

Toltec Active Dreaming


Module 31

Journey to Retrieve your Lost Soul Parts

Smudging Yourself

Sacred Space



A Core Shamanic Theory of Dreams

Astral Projection Secrets Revealed

Edgar Cayce on Dream Interpretation




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