Skywalker Reiki



By Ramon Martinez Lopez

Initiations and attunements with 28 mandalas in oracle cards, you can perform a self attunement-unmediated by a Reiki master. Very transformed channeled light beings within the spiritual center of the galaxy. Amplifies your meditation, and healing ability to create, for yourself and others. Receive messages from the cosmos.

Reiki is universal life energy of light, love and consciousness. Reiki energy is not dual, it is yin and yang. It’s infinite and universal. It can’t causes damage to the physical and subtle bodies. 
This Reiki is a free expression of reiki received by the beings of light from the stars of our galaxy Ors, Azarikilur. The Stars That expand in many forms and Paths That acquires the levels of love and conscience, either individual or collective. 
The images of the mandalas of the cards 1 to 28 show the way forward in the evolution of your soul in this life. 
Origin, purpose and possible outcomes. It clears the obstacles and Increases creativity as a foundation for life.
A Reiki practitioner is the person who is consciously tuned into the universal force and Therefore are guided by Their intuitive wisdom. … This is not so different from the definition of any practitioner of almost any spiritual tradition evolving.
 The two-dimensional or three dimensional representation of the mandala is not limited and are interpreted as an interdimensional and multidimensional tool. 
Everything in the universe is energy and we can access it if we tunned, resonate and vibrates with it.
 The mandala transcends time and space matter and puts us in contact with the energy inherent in it. In this reiki you are attuned to master the subconscious mind with the mandala
It provides instructions on how to access the energy and convert it into a living instrument of healing. 
What is Mandala?
 It is a word That comes from Sanskrit and means a circle with center. The mandala is the essence of being. Through symmetrical shapes and colors, we awaken the consciousness of who we are as a whole, and That we are not separate from the entire universe. The mandala on the composition of shapes and colors has a positive impact on personal knowledge. Historically, mandalas are over 5000 years old and is conceived as an instrument for healing and rituals.
 The mandalas are found in all, the earth, the stars, or Amerindian symbols, Celts, Mayans, Aztecs, Navajo, Hopi, etc., even the rosettes of the medieval Gothic cathedrals. 
The mandala is present in nature in three-dimensional, either in the form of cells, molecules of water, snowflakes, the spider webs, flowers … 


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