Shamanic Home Study Course – Level 3



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In essence, shamanism is about bringing ritual and sacredness into your life, and about honoring something greater than you and me. It is about honoring the Mystery, and the Bringer of Life in all things, from the flowers, to the trees, to the birds, the tiny caterpillar glistening on a fresh leaf, or the waking sun, and the moonlight. There is a Divine force that moves through all things, like a river, enlivening all of life. It is the same force that moves the plant to flower, the wolf to howl, or lights up a baby’s face. As we become more aware of this higher force moving in our lives and express our gratitude for it, it expands and colors daily life with a radiance and light that connects us to all living things.

The ancient healing art of shamanism has been used on every continent since the beginning of man. Proof of shamanic healing practices is evident in cave paintings and ancient burial grounds across the globe.

For thousands of years, shamans around the world have perfected the art of traveling in consciousness to other levels of reality, gaining access to information that can seem quite extraordinary about how to treat and prevent disease, avoid negative situations, clear family issues, plan for our future, and more.

This information is not just available to traditional shamans but any sincere seeker who learns the core methods and humbly applies them.

As you develop the skills of a Shaman, you will develop a profound ability to pierce the veil of reality, discover the hidden dimensions between the worlds –  and then gather information and the support of unseen forces to restore health and vitality in your body, your community and your clients.


Module 1



Module 2

The Shamanic Calling

Twelve Core Principles

The Shaman as Healer

Shamanic Consciousness


Module 3

Shamanism: An Overview

Guiding Principles

A High Animated Cosmos

The Natural Elements

The Living Spirits of Ancestors

What is the Difference between a Shaman and a Medicine Man?

Becoming a Hollow Bone

How Do You Become a Shaman?

Core Aspects of Shamanism

What Shamans Know


Module 4

Sacred Objects

Nature Spot Exercise


Module 5

Ayni – Sacred Reciprocity

Exercise to Directly Experience Ayni

Steps in Ayni

Video: Ayni



Module 6

Sacred Space

Invoking Sacred Space

Closing the Directions

Video:      Opening Sacred Space – With Shaman, Chris Waters


Module 7


Smudging Four Directions

Tips while performing the Ritual

When to Smudge Yourself

Smudging in the Seven Directions

Smudging and Blessing Herbs

Make your Own Smudge Sticks or Wands

Video:       Smudging: Learn to Smudge in 5 minutes


Module 8

Shamanic Self-defence

Physical Processes for Protection

How to use:

Sea Salt

Corn Flour




Agua de Florida








Hand shake


Psychic Process for Protection

Entity Protection and Clearing

Types of Spirits and Entities

Symptoms of Entity Possession

A self-clearing Process

Easy self-protection techniques

Audio:       White Light of Protection


Module 9

Shamanic Visioning

Sensing Exercise

Second Attention Exercise

Second Awareness Exercise

Deep-Level Hypnotic Imaging Exercise

Audio:       Art of Seeing


Module 10

Tutelary Spirit Helpers

Tirakuna (Spirit of the Land)

Auquis (Nature Spirits)

Malquis (Tree Spirits)

Machukuna (The Ancestors)

Siwar Q’enti

Apukuna (Spirits of the Sacred Mountains)

Power Animals and Teachers

Totem and Spirit Guide Animals

Why Find Your Spirit Animal?

Spirit Animal Messengers

The Shadow Animal

The Life Animal

The Medicine Animal

Different Types of Guides

Meditation for Spirit Guides

Meditation to Meet your Power Animal

After the Power Animal Journey

What to do with your Power Animal

Audio:       Meet your Power Animal

Meet your Spirit Guide


Module 11

Become a Medicine Carrier

Refine your Ability to See

Accept a Path of Healing Service

Becoming a Shamanic Healer


Module 12

Power Animals of the Four Directions

How they can help


Module 13

Luminous Energy Field

Audio:       Opening the Energy Centres


Module 14

The Three Worlds

Upper World

Middle World

Lower World


Module 15

Shamanic Soul Flight

What is the Shamanic Journey or Soul Flight?

How Does One Journey?

What is the Journey For?

Destination and Purpose

What does the Journeyer Experience?

The Shamanic Journey in Perspective

The Different Worlds

The Four Chambers of the Lower World

Lower World Journey

Shamanic Journey Helpers

Audio:       Journey into the Bamboo Forest


Module 16


Northern Coastal Curanderismo

Consecrating the Ground

Creating the Mesa

Consecrating and Empowering your Mesa Pieces


Video: How to make your own Florida Water



Module 17

How to Use the Mesa in Healing

The Spectrum of Life and its Healing Application


Module 18

Shamanic Shields


Module 19


Sacred Stone Relative Ceremony

Video:               How to Build an Apacheta


Module 20

Creating your own Ceremonies or Rituals

Basic Components of Ceremony

Steps to Creating Ceremony


Preparing the Mind



The Pause





Video:       How to Create a Water Ceremony


Module 21

Breathing Techniques

Transmutation Breathing

Additional Breathing Exercises and Techniques

Four Directions Breathing

Three Stage Deep Breathing

Alternate Nostril Breathing


Module 22

Wands, Staffs and Phurbas

The Long Staffs and Wind Staffs

Choosing a Shaman Staff

Empowering your Staff

Items to include in a Healing Session

Shamanic Tools

Video:       Shaman’s wand


Module 23

Healing Rhythm of the Drum

What is Shamanic Drumming?

A Bridge to the Spirit World

Acoustic Communication

What is Rhythm Healing?

Drum Healing

How to Use Drumming in a Healing Session

Video:      Traditional Shamanic Drum Journey


Module 24

Shamanic Healing Session

Energy Removal

Activating the Body’s Energy Centres



Healing Stones



Video:       Shamanic Healing Ceremony


Module 25

Shamanic Healing – Candle Reading


Module 26

Shamanic Give-Away

The Infinite Potential of the Spirit World

Creating Balance – The Give-away



Module 27

Shamanic Healing – Illumination

The Illumination process – Step by Step

Gates of Consciousness Acupressure Points

Track for Unbalanced Chakras

Hucha Mikhuy

Clear the Energies

Video:       Illumination –  The Healing Tools of the Shaman



Module 28

Shamanic Healing – Spirit Extraction

Creating a Healing Matrix

Extraction Crystals


Extracting intrusive entities and energies


Module 29

Shamanic Healing – Divination

Divination Steps

Divination Interpretation


Module 30

Prayer Beads and Malas

Shamanic Uses of Prayer Beads

Prayer Beads as Ritual Attire

Honoring Specific Spirits

The Mala as a Divination Tool

Make your own string of Prayer Beads


Module 31

Fire Ceremonies

Release Ceremony

Shamanic Fire Ceremony

Sacred Fire Ceremony

Fire Etiquette

Fire Offerings

Fire Divination

Audio:       Full Moon Ritual


Module 32

Shamanic Dreamweaving

What is Shamanic Dreamweaving

What is a Modern Shamanic Dreamer?

How to Become a Dream Shaman


Module 33

Quecha Terminology



Free Issue of Sacred Hoop Magazine

The Way of the Phurba



Valued at £25

The Sacred Mountains, Sacred Earth Shamanic Healing System


Prerequisite: None

Sacred Mountains, Sacred Earth Shamanic Healing is a form of energy transmission that comes to us from the High Andes. It is a Shamanic Healing System, but it is not to be confused with other Peruvian Shamanic systems. This modality works with a very different area than those which are generally taught.

There are 3 Activations which form this beautiful and very intense system of energy healing and transformation.

The Chumpi Band Activation

The Chumpi Band Activation connects your energy system to the Chumpi Stones and a Chakra Clearing Activation.


The Stone Hands Activation

The Stone Hands Activation gives you an Inner Energetic Boost for both Distant work and Empathic Experiences.


The Double Crystal Skull Activation

The Double Crystal Skull Activation works to help balance your Chakra System for Healing, Clearing and the Removal of all unwanted energies.


For a traditional healing session you will work using the Sacred Mountains Sacred Earth Energy, as you would with any other Energy Healing System such as Reiki. That said, with this healing system you can take things a step further and choose to bring in any or even all of the activations in order to create a tailor-made session that is perfect for yourself or for a client.




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