Seventh Seal Empowerment



Founder: Ramon Martinez Lopez

The three wise men visited Jesus who embodied the Christ energy, of unconditional love and offered him gold, incense and myrrh. These gifts came into a revelation from the seventh, eighth angels of heavenly hosts to saw us, humankind, through Jesus our divine gifts to be manifested on earth.

Here you are going to understand and be empowered by divine light to these divine qualities in your fleshy body and remember your divine origin. Your divine origin comes from the divine love fire.

Gold represents your divine shining nature, divine power.

Incense is the element of purification and transmutation of perfection. Your prayers are elevated for the highest good.

Myrrh is your human essence, transitorily, limited to the laws of nature and your eternal divine essence incarnated. It is manifested on flesh body. The alchemy after the purification by God´s hands. Like an attunement to divinity into the breath of life.

Here you are attuned to gold, incense and myrrh qualities.


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