Sacred Love Reiki



What you will learn

Be attuned to Sacred Love Reiki and upgrade your energy healing abilities.

Explore the Sacred Space of your inner Heart.

Learn a new Master Symbol which has the effect of Self-Mastery.

Awaken your Sacred Energy and combine it with an upgraded level of Reiki.

Receive a certificate and be able to teach this upgrade to others.


You need to be attuned to any level of Reiki in any Reiki modality.


“Sacred Love Reiki” is an original upgrade Reiki level, which can complement any Reiki System and the entire system is channeled through my communication with the Ascended Masters ~ the Chohans of the Seven Rays.

The purpose of this upgrade is to provide you a deep understanding on the Sacred Energy that lies inside the inner center of the Heart and on how this energy can be used for self-healing, self-realization and mastery on one’s self. We may refer to this Sacred Energy as the energy of purified love and in this course, I will explain how this energy is created within us and the miracle which occurs, when the energy of pure love is combined with Reiki.

Furthermore, I will explain the function of this energy and the 3 states of its transformational process. Furthermore, in this Reiki upgrade, you will also receive a new Master Symbol, which carries deep, ancient knowledge and it’s especially designed for self-mastery.

Through the course you will also find guided meditations,

  • to help you obtain awareness on the sacred energy in all of its states,
  • to help you explore the sacred space of your inner heart
  • and a guided meditation for your self-healing period, which you will be able to use daily.

Through the teachings of “Sacred Unity” you shall receive knowledge from the Creator, regarding the sacred unity of human, celestial and cosmic presences. This first course is your preparative step and it will mainly focus on providing you an awakening on your own sacred energy and an upgrade on your energy healing abilities.



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