Rainbow Reiki – the Reiki of the Seven Rays



What you will learn

Upgrade your Usui Reiki Level if you want to teach or pass on – otherwise receive and use the energies for yourself

Be attuned to the 7 Rays

Channel Reiki combined with the Energies of the 7 Rays

Learn 2 New and powerful Master Symbols

Communicate with the Ascended Masters

Activate the Divine purpose of your Soul

Learn about the Ascended Masters and how to communicate with them

Receive their guidance through Divine Communications

Attune others to Reiki of the Seven Rays

Become a certified Teacher/Practitioner of this Level – should you wish to pass on you need to be an Usui Reiki Master – otherwise you can receive these energies to work on yourself. You can still purchase this course if you are studying towards your Usui Master level.


Based upon the Teachings received from beloved Ascended Master and Teacher, Mikao Usui and the Seven Chohans of the 7 Rays, this course was created to share with you my lessons on the upgraded form of Reiki ~ the Reiki of the Seven Rays

I will be your guide in the tingling spiritual journey, which will be offered through this course

Rainbow Reiki ~ the Reiki of the Seven Rays, is an upgrade to the already existing Traditional Usui Reiki System, which was taught to me by the Ascended Masters ~ Master Mikao Usui and the Seven Chohans of the 7 Rays

Allow me to describe the general structure of the course, so you may have a general image of the course, as well as of what you will learn and receive

In the first section, you will get to know the general information about this upgraded form of Reiki as well as its creation story Information about the attunements, the healing session, New Symbols and new techniques, along with some other benefits of Rainbow Reiki will also be given in this first section

In section no.2, you will finally meet the Ascended Masters, receive general information about them and learn how to communicate with them. Information about all Seven Rays, as well as for the Great White Brotherhood will also be given. Last but not least, you will enjoy a spiritual guided Meditation in which you will connect with the White Great Brotherhood, in order for you to enter your Sacred Heart and awaken your Sacred Flame and your Divine Spark

In the following section, no.3, you will get a thorough description of the Seven Ascended Masters who represent the Seven Divine Rays ~ (Chohans of the Rays) and Maha Chohan ~ the Divine Representative of the Holy Spirit, which Holy Spirit is the western reference to Reiki Energy You will also be given simple but powerful spiritual practices to connect deeper with all Chohans and you will enjoy guided Meditations inspired from the Book of the beloved teacher Djwal Kul ~ the Hidden Chamber of the Heart.

In the last and closing section, you will find information on how to schedule your attunement and receive your certificate. This will be done by sending me an email after you complete the course.

So to sum up, in this upgrade, you will be attuned to Rainbow Reiki, Reiki of the Seven Rays, which includes attunements to the Energies of the Seven Rays, you will learn two new and powerful Master Symbols, as well as new practices and techniques, which will help you on your meditations and your Reiki sessions You will learn all the information you need about Reiki of the Seven Rays, the Ascended Masters and how to connect and communicate with them, the Seven Rays and techniques to channel their Energies, as well as you will be trained with guided meditations on how to meditate with the Ascended Masters

I hope that this course will be a magnificent journey through the Divine Planes, the Spiritual Realm and the depths of your existence, surrounded by sparkling Energy.  I will see you inside. Divine Blessings


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