Poas Kumara Reiki – Raymond Martinez Lopez



Poas Kumara Reiki by Ramon Lopez-Awaken Kundalini, Activate Pranic Channels, Fixed Beliefs/Patterns, Emotional Traumas/Release, Purify Emotional Body

Founder: Ramon Martinez Lopez

With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunements and a certificate.

Poas volcano has the biggest crater in the world

Poas volcano is the earth seat of the holy kumaras

Poas means streams of water.

Diamond kundalini pink prana

Very unique prana activation in your kundalini with pink light. In general it awakens your kundalini energy coming from the center of the earth and clears the path with pink light. Clears and activates your pranic channels.

Poas turquoise dragon active

Poas dragon produces a turquoise flame which connects to the mint essence of the healing plants. It is the pure energy that runs energetically through the heart. It is all about healing inside and out. It is good to heal very rooted fixed believes and patterns in your subconscious mind.

Waters of poas active

Unblocks your emotional traumas, emotional release. It Purifies your emotional body. AND REJUVENATE YOUR CELLS.

poas fire heart transformation

Transforms the energy coming from the center of mother earth to purify your patterns and your heart. Balance the connection between your physical heart and spiritual heart.

Without love there is no life.

Shamadi poas kumara reiki

This is a buster for joy and ecstasy to your cells and life.

Poas lava cleaning and shield to clear and protect physical spaces and your aura.

Your electromagnetic field is updated constantly after receiving poas kumara reiki



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