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Prerequisite: Reiki 2

Hello and welcome to the “Perseus Light & Andromedan Reiki” course, an original upgrade level of the Traditional Usui Reiki System

With great honor I present to you another course based on our collective work with the Ascended Masters and the Beings of Light from the celestial planes of existence.

In this Reiki upgrade you will travel to the ancient places of Perseus and Andromeda, be attuned to their energies and receive their wisdom.

Through the knowledge provided in this course, you will experience a journey of profound soul healing, as the energy that is formed through the combination of Perseus Light and Andromedan Reiki, creates a prism that reflects and harmonizes the seven virtues of love, which when channeled, it cancels the wounds of the heart and brings back the fragments of the soul so to recompose it, having as a final result to heal even the deepest wounds, by acting on a complete soul level.

You will also learn 3 new Symbols ~ the Perseus Master Symbol, the Andromedan Master Symbol and the Ascension Symbol which is created through the combination of their energies.

Finally you will experience guided meditations to travel to holy grounds of Perseus and Andromeda, to where you will meet with Spiritual Guides and Beings of Light, who will offer you further apprenticeship, continuous support and guidance, healings and of course their own blessings and divine gifts

We hope that you will find this upgrade level a valuable tool for your Reiki practice and that you will find deep and conscious Soul freedom through this healing modality.

What you will learn

  • Be attuned to Perseus Light and Andromedan Reiki
  • Learn about Perseus and Andromeda
  • Learn about the Universal Bond
  • Learn 2 new Master Symbols and a new Ascension Symbol
  • Experience a guided meditation and receive a recalibration on your energetic system, so to receive healing, restoration, balance and alignment.
  • Experience a guided meditation and receive an attunement, which will liberate you from all that may deny you the experience of true and pure love.

Who this course is for:

  • Want to expand your Reiki knowledge
  • Want to experience deep Soul healing

Section 1: Introduction

  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. Perseus and Andromeda
  3. The healing abilities from the combination of these energies
  4. The quantum effect from the combination of these energies


Section 2: Symbols of this upgrade

  1. Perseus Master Symbol
  2. Andromedan Master Symbol
  3. Ascension Symbol
  4. How to draw your Symbols


Section 3: Guided Meditations

  1. Travelling to Perseus ~ Guided Meditation
  2. Travelling to Andromeda ~ Guided Meditation




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