Om Tat Sat – a high-energy system in the light frequency of 999




If you choose this dedication for you, then also belong to the 144,000 high lights you who were once willing declared to save the planet Earth.

OM TAT SAT, it’s your energy – the energy of 144 000 high lights.

Is not deep since the beginning of time for you, in your soul, your greatest desire, your desire, the planet Earth and back home with him to ascend into the light?

144 000 high lights are just like you, they like you, with their pure love, cast the light of God and still do, they wear the same yearning and desire to be the same as you – this way you will enjoy today INGROSS connect with them.

The energy OM TAT SAT – the energy of the avatars of the light, the energy of the 144,000 high lights – your energy, it is also you serving to the side, on your way home to the Light.

The Energy of Light flooded with your four-body system like a giant golden tsunami: Powerful high-energy magnetic love energy from the United Divine Thought Field flowing to you.

A wonderful power filled you – feel your power, OM TAT SAT.

Expect nothing – just be ready for the unbelievable!


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