Mystic Rose – Attunement to your Twin Flame



By Ramon Martinez Lopez. Mystic rose is the manifestation of God in humanity is the divine spark that lives in us. The Rose of the World supports the creation of which we all belong and we are not separated from it. His light shines more than the sun, can´t negative entities nor demons cause damage to your radiant presence with the star power of this Rose.

Feminine power is resurgent today, which means movements for peace, rejection of coercive methods of social repression, a desire for greater beauty, love, cooperation, characterized by the values, the search for higher quality life with sensitivity and wisdom and strength in balance with the masculine.

The rose is the mystical union with the microcosm of the macrocosm, your spiritual essence and the essence of the universe come together for purification and healing. The new pattern of consciousness that will determine the manifestation of the new Earth is what I call “The Holy Rose,” the energy of the twin flame. Polar forces of the Divine Energy held in perfect balance, the awareness of God can manifest in our culture in the angelic human form that can heal with the power of the twin flame, Zagzagel is the Archangel who guides us and put in touch with the mystic rose. It teaches us to listen and look within ourselves, helps us to discern from the heart without prejudice or fear. Teaches us to listen to our inner truth and guided by it. Provides mental stillness heading towards eternal peace and depths of our being, to transcend the joys and sorrows with a passing encircle unimaginable ecstasy in our union with the divine.

In the second level master degree you are attuned to your twin flame.


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