Kauri Tree Attunement – Ramon Martinez Lopez



Kindness, Generosity, Clean/Protect Aura, Grounding, Electromagnetic Balance
Kauri tree attunements Metaphysical Properties

Kauri may generate huge original and artistic talents on you, the likelihood are that Kauri will offer himself to a living that shows concern for the betterment of the home and of the community at large.

Kauri has a very loving, friendly, and grateful energy. Kauri has a depth of understanding that produces much compassionate, kindness, and generosity.

The effect of kauri energy is called:

Kaipara meaning: Making silage while the sun outclass

The harvest of light

Kaipa is the resin of the tree, with the energy of the sun and thousands of years memories tree.

Uses:  Like reiki, Protect your aura, Ground yourself , Clean your aura , Electromagnetic balance

Here you are attuned to: The symbol mandala

Kauri DEVA

Kaipara energy



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