Karma Remover and Light Body Mantra – Ramon Martinez Lopez



Karma remover and light body mantra attunement by Ramon Martinez Lopez

The Karma Remover Prayer 
The prayer  clears the stains of karma in one’s subconsciousness and book of soul-record (Akash)
It has to be chanted with full sincerity and Chant it once and the Almighty will remove the stains of karma That troubles you. chant it twice, and the cleansing effect would extend to your wife and child; chant it three times, it would remove the karmic stains of your family. 
If You Should chant it for 4x, even your parents would be purified and Your ancestors line up to seventh generation would be purified.
Consider your inheritance That Has Been with energy store in your kidneys. it Allows you to be in your physical body and the information of your DNA it is purified also.


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