Heart of Reiki Kundalini – Ramon Martinez Lopez



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Your heart shines in White Gold, Pink and Violet energy.

Frequencies of unconditional love, freedom of your being, you can be who you are.

White gold laser light bean for permeating and penetrating inside and outside your body, it means interdimensional freeing energy.

Well, feel the love in your physical body and the body of Mother Earth.

You can activate the energy of new love to new earth. Everything Has Been created Because of love. Because it happens of you.


It activates the energy uses That means we are perfect in love, regenerate tissues Timeless in matter You are supported by the love of mother earth Spin of energy moves around your physical body

It bolts your new body to the new frequencies of the earth changing

You can activate the energy in objects and places and other uses like Reiki.

Activate the energy in your kidneys for healing.

You are attuned to the ancient earth heart Which is about, 5000 millions old, and so much info-loving energy.

Your hearts mind intelligence has been activated.

You are attuned to the angels of white gold light.

These angels Enhance Your healing power Hundreds of times.

They are very powerful.


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