Healing the wounds that force us to wear masks



Inner wounds happen from life situations that injure us. You will not see any skin abrasions or broken bones from inner wounds, but that does not mean they hurt any less. Interestingly, our outer, visible wounds tend to heal much quicker than our inner, invisible wounds. Why? Because we treat our visible wounds. Most inner wounds are left untreated, and worse yes, we throw salt in them.

Most people understand the general concept of trauma but do not necessarily know the scope of it or the depths and impact it has on a person’s psyche, in particular with emotional trauma.

Emotional trauma is a form of abuse that is often dismissed by friends, family and sometimes even healers, therapists and psychologists (shocking I know). It can even be disregarded by the victim themselves.

Emotional trauma is created when your emotional needs are neglected. It can be caused when your emotions are dismissed, and your feelings completely disregarded and disqualified. Whatever you feel is basically treated as not important by those closest to you, not acknowledged, belittled, made to be shameful or wrong as well as said to be exaggerated.

Because of the nature of this type of abuse being more subjective since it is your words and emotions against theirs – emotional abuse is something that can go on and on undetected, and yet it has one of the most profound negative effects on the victim’s psyche for years after.

These deep wounds, that most people are not able to heal, that are also embedded in physical trauma, are always emotional hurt, pain and invalidation.

Beneath the beating is humiliation and powerlessness.

Under neglect is worthlessness and the pain of not being seen.

Buried in sexual abuse is shame.

Thrown into verbal insults is the wound of not being good enough.

Mix in some mind games of denial by the abuser and you become the paranoid crazy one.

As you heal from emotional abuse, you will experience what I call emotional freedom – -the freedom to be yourself and the ability to manage your own feelings rather than letting your feelings control you.

Let us take a closer look at some of the components of emotional freedom.

  • You stop absorbing other people’s feelings and have your own. You experience your feelings as separate from other people’s, so even if they are upset, you do not have to be. As a result, your feelings start to make sense and be helpful.
  • You have a whole range of feelings – not just two or three. You are no longer avoiding your feelings or afraid of them. You are not relying on food, alcohol, drugs, overworking, and other distractions to numb your feelings. You allow yourself to feel them, you invite them in rather than pushing them away.
  • Guilt and shame do not dominate your emotions. Because you are rebuilding your self-esteem, you are no longer willing to accept the blame for everything that goes wrong. You take responsibility for your actions, but you are not going to be a scapegoat. And you are breaking down shame by sharing your story with trustworthy people.
  • You are no longer tethered to someone else’s feelings. Your feelings and life are your own. And you do not need others to approve of or understand your choices.
  • You respond rather than react. In the past, your feelings felt out of control and you reacted to every little annoyance or criticism, but now you know how to tolerate and process your emotions so they can help you rather than get in your way.

Module 1


Signs of an inner wound


Module 2

Wounds that force us to wear masks

Physical and emotional bodies

Similarities between physical and emotional wounds

What are typical emotional wounds?

Emotional trauma responses

Fight response

Flight response

Freeze response

Fawn response

Healing is a choice


Module 3

Signs you are suffering from emotional wounds

Signs you have been emotionally traumatized

You are a people pleaser

You constantly doubt yourself

You are highly triggered


Module 4

What is your core pain?

Understanding your core pain

The separation trauma

Negative core belief

Compensating personality

Core pain distractors


Module 5

Why your emotional wounds strengthen you?

Concealing the pain

A return to love


Module 6

Heal the Mother wound

What exactly is the Mother wound?

The Mother wound can manifest as …

Learn to separate expectations from reality

Notice the good things

Quit holding out for an apology

Let it out

Learn to forgive and love yourself


Module 7

Childhood wounds

Why we do not always feel our feelings

The process of healing emotional wounds


Module 8

Resistance towards healing

The fear of suffering even more

Secondary benefit of suffering

Guilt and punishment


Module 9

Family wounds

Find a time to meet in person

Establish ground rules

Express yourself with love

Listen to each other

Agree to move on

Stay in touch


Module 10

Wounds from the past



Lack of affection

Leave the past behind


Module 11

Emotional backpack

Unpack your backpack

Let go of everything that drags you down


Module 12

The wound of rejection

Origins of rejection


Healing the wound of rejection


Module 13

We all deserve forgiveness


Beautiful and selfless gift


Module 14

Release stuck emotions

We all hide our emotions occasionally

Steps to processing stuck emotional energy

Audio:       Release


Module 15

Let go of people who hurt you

Words can be damaging


Module 16

Letting go of feeling unworthy

Acknowledge the emotion you feel

Have a plan

Your talents and strengths

Audio:       Cleanse self-doubt and fear


Module 17

Aromatherapy for healing emotional wounds


Module 18

Bathing as a healing ritual

Herbal baths

Saline baths

Full moon bath

New moon bath

Selection of scents

After-effects of a healing bath


Module 19

Setting boundaries after emotional abuse

Re-examine your values

Simply saying no

Look after your needs

You are not responsible for other people’s emotions

Follow through


Module 20

Warning signs you are in an abusive relationship

Warning signs of a toxic relationship

What psychological abuse can look like

Why did I not realize my relationship was emotionally abusive?


Module 21

Our wounds inhibit us

Making the pain our own

Find the wound

Honor the wound

Cleanse the wound

Close the wound


Module 22

Stages of emotional healing

Reclaiming your power




Module 23

Are we overlooking abuse?

Unacknowledged abuse

Understanding emotional abuse

A time to heal


Module 24

Emotional cleansing

Emotional cleansing ritual

Audio:       Emotional cleansing


Module 25

Using crystals to heal emotions


Module 26

Emotional release exercise

Audio:       Clear and cleanse the mind


Module 27

Loving again after emotional abuse

What drew you to an emotionally abusive partner?

Stop berating yourself

A list of things you will not tolerate in future

Get in touch with your own needs

Trust your gut

Audio:       Find comfort, rest, restoration, love and trust


Module 28

Rebuilding after a narcissistic relationship

Block contact

Forget closure



Forgive yourself

Establish boundaries

Educate yourself




Diamond Anthakarana Autmun attunement and empowered – by Ramon Martinez – Value $300/R4 187


The three helix of universal love, wisdom and creative power of the Anthakarana-autmun

It balances polarities of the soul into unity. So Dna changes.

The tetrahedral sacred geometry structure of Anthakarana- autumn it is essential for receiving and transmitting this energies properly in Uranian frequencies. This is due to changing of the sun-earth energies nowadays.


Balance your brain and nerve functions.

Stars yours creativity process,

wipe out negativity,

helps in releasing emotional pain and forgiveness initiator.

Good for cutting implants, programs of subconscious mind and imprints from others, karmic debts.

Its energy is incorruptible, which is why it has terrific potential for cleansing and protecting not only the human energy field but also the environment. It is good to use in times of stress and stressful situations. It has also been used to bring alignment to the chakra system and facilitate Divine alignment.

Activates your multidimensional being

Activates your connection to ancient Lemuria and Atlantida

Activates your micro-macrocosmic energies and universal energies of the diamond in the frequencies of gold, platinum, uranium light.

Diamond light represents the absolute and indestructible and your body of light, and it makes you a protection around your aura. Your diamond body of light it is protected and purified by your angels, dolphins, elohin, gods –goddesses, dragons… it is crystalline in nature or the crystalline property of the spiritual light. When you develop spiritually, your guides like angels “polish” your diamond to perfection. Your diamond it is your first connection to the spiritual world

Uses the Anthakarana symbol – Very ancient symbol. It goes back to Lemuria and Atlantida civilizations.


Higher Soul Fire – Value $40 / R560


Higher Soul Fire carries the vibration of universal love

It may assist you to let go of issues you have been holding onto and forgive both yourself and the other person

Higher Soul Fire peace of mind and freedom from fear

Neutralizes anti-social and confrontational attitudes

Enhances co-operation

Dispel negative attachments and entities Repair holes in etheric body

Balances astral body

Improves chakra and meridian functions

Links conscious mind to higher self

Assist higher self in working through physical form

Free on from limiting behavioral programming of one’s upbringing and release past life family patters

These energies radiate a very high vibration

It many open the Third Eye Chakra, the Crown Chakra and the Soul Star Chakra and many align and purify the entire chakra system

Are powerful energy to heighten metaphysical abilities


Lotus Healer – Value $60 / R838

Lotus Healer emits a profound healing vibration and facilitates the energetic activation of cellular regeneration. Renders assistance to disorders in all areas of the body, the emotional system, and mental structure. It is said to assist in opening the heart chakra.

It can used in balancing the physical body as well, but the greatest affects will be felt in the spiritual development that occurs. Lotus Healer’s energy realign the energy centers, relieve energy blockage, stimulate Qi energy, ground, center and protect. It is beneficial to treat physical instabilities in the veins, muscles, arteries, bone loss, Rna/Dna balancing, immune system and cellular renewal.

Lotus Healer Works on the heart and lungs by helping to withdraw toxins and activates the absorption of nutrients and oxygen. Relaxes one’s overall nature. It can be used to clear clouded areas of the chakras.


Emotional Stability Booster – Value $30 / R420

Emotional Stability Booster is a system that stabilize your negative emotional, enhancing problem solving and adapting to change. It also can enhance spiritual awareness and inspiration.

For physically, it can be used for healing blood disorders, veins, blood circulation, balance of blood pressure (high or low) and lactation. It has a specific use in balancing all base chakra energies.

There are many benefits of Emotional Stability:

Supports healthy sleep patterns and a healthy balanced appetite

Supports emotional wellness and health

Supports the nervous system

Supports a healthy motivated attitude

Addresses common premenstrual and menstrual tears and moodiness

Supports a reasonable positive mental attitude Maintains and adjusted positive temperament





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