Harmony, Balance & Grounding Package



Grounding is important for everyone, but especially for those people involved in spiritual or creative pursuits. Grounding is the process by which you pull back all the thoughts and energy from your mind and re-establish your foundation firmly here on Earth. This benefits you not only spiritually and mentally, improving your focus, sense of calm, and reducing anxiety, but also physically. Grounding or earthing has been shown to reduce inflammation and pain, improve sleep, boost self-healing mechanisms, and more. Our bodies are made of the elements of the Earth. And when we ground ourselves, we allow these energies to flow through us. Clearing, healing and balancing our minds, bodies, and hearts so that we can function properly and live happier, healthier and more  balanced lives. By grounding ourselves, we become fully present in our bodies, accepting the fact that even though we are spiritual beings, we are now walking on this Earth in this physical body, and we need to honor who we now are, the role we are meant to play and the path we chose to walk in this physical world.

When you are not grounded, you may feel very out of it or disconnected from yourself. You might experience confusion, anxiety, restlessness, or just feeling very “airy fairy”, like you are just floating through life. When you feel this way, you know you need to reconnect to your roots here on Earth and ground down.

Grounding creates better balance in your system and especially balances the root chakra.    Grounding is important as it:

  • Brings life in to matter and to be able to bring our healing abilities into the physical.
  • Increases balance and stability in our physical and our emotional state.
  • Helps bring acceptance that we are here to fulfil a purpose.
  • Brings strength.
  • Helps in creating a bridge between Spirit and matter.
  • Provides an outlet making the release (of energy) easier.
  • Allows the attainment of higher Spiritual levels.

These attunements help you to maintain balance and harmony in your life, as well as to ground you.  Includes the following manuals and attunements:

  1. Black Diamond Energy
  2. Body PH Balancing
  3. Clear Light Flush
  4. Clear Light Purifier
  5. Copper Elemental Spirit
  6. Crystal Light Flush
  7. Crystalline Rays Stabilizer
  8. Earth Connection
  9. Earth Energy Boost
  10. Earth Sphere Energetic
  11. Earthly Vibration Amplifier
  12. Elemental Earth Star Empowerment
  13. Emotional Balance Assistance Device
  14. Emotional Stability Booster
  15. Empath Protection, Activation & Clearing
  16. Energetic Booster Axis
  17. Essential Earth Love
  18. Essential Green Earth Energy
  19. Ethereal Deep Red
  20. Force Light High Frequency
  21. Green Harmony Wave
  22. Grounding Flush
  23. Harmony Empowerment
  24. Harmony Stone
  25. High Life Force Amplifier
  26. Inner Freedom Blasting
  27. Kauri Tree Attunements
  28. Life Light Harmony Flush
  29. Light Particular Assimilation
  30. Lotus Body Vibration
  31. Lotus Healer
  32. Magic Balance & Harmony
  33. Moringa Attunements
  34. Nature Essence Purification
  35. Personal Power Healer Balancer
  36. Universal Spiritual Harmony
  37. White Jade Elixir


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