Fonon Essence




By Ramon.

The Quantum sciencem has determent That solid matter like crystals can well defined, well shaped and molded by sounds.
 These hypothetical sound particles are called fonons. 
Fonons are cold That energy perfect physical structure.
 Esoterically, is the “Sound current vibrating in all creation.
 It can be heard by the inner ears. “Referred to variously as the Audible Life Stream, Inner Sound, Sound Current or Word in Inglese, is the esoteric essence of God Which is available to all human beings. The first sound of creation. 
You are attuned To the main strain of all creation
 It Can be use to Strengthen other mantras 
It can be use on cleansing crystals for healing properties and Strengthen them
 You can create antennas for specific purposes
 No other light energy system can be so powerful like fonon essence except for the light
 You are shape to your divinity in this life time in your physical body.


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