Fire Dragon Portal Attunements



Fire Dragon Portal Attunements – Guides for Personal Journeys, Trusted Companions, Protectors, Connect to Passions, True Power, More

With your purchase you will receive the manual from Author and Founder, Ramon Martinez Lopez, and the distant attunement and a certificate with lineage.

Dragons are protectors. They look after all beings (both in spiritual and physical forms) in their chosen area. They provide portals for all beings and help shape the land through energy and nature’s elements. Dragons can be guides for our personal journeys in both past life, present daily events, and the astral realm. They are teachers of true treasure and become trusted companions for life. When we put aside the fear and old energy of misunderstanding we not only find great wisdom, but also we watch the connection to Mother Earth that many of Earth’s children have forgotten.

Fire Dragons

Characteristics: Passionate, emotional, protective, and fiery temper.They often large body shape with horns, wings, and fiery breath.

Service: Helps us connect to our passions in life, creates loud voice to express our opinions and needs, shows us the boundaries we need with others,and teaches us true power.

Connection: Flames and candles, stones of red (rubies, carnelian,jasper) spices herbs (basil, ginger, cinnamon) red fiery dragon pictures or statues.



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