Diamond Anthakarana Autumn Activation – Ramon Martinez Lopez



DIAMOND ANTHAKARANA – AUTMUN activation, attunement and empowerment by Ramon Martinez Lopez

The three helix of universal love, wisdom and creative power of the Anthakarana-autmun

It balances polarities of the soul into unity. So Dna changes.

The tetrahedral sacred geometry structure of Anthakarana- autumn it is essential for receiving and transmitting this energies properly in Uranian frequencies. This is due to changing of the sun-earth energies nowadays.


Balance your brain and nerve functions.

Stars yours creativity process,

wipe out negativity,

helps in releasing emotional pain and forgiveness initiator.

Good for cutting implants, programs of subconscious mind and imprints from others, karmic debts.

Its energy is incorruptible, which is why it has terrific potential for cleansing and protecting not only the human energy field but also the environment. It is good to use in times of stress and stressful situations. It has also been used to bring alignment to the chakra system and facilitate Divine alignment.

Activates your multidimensional being

Activates your connection to ancient Lemuria and Atlantida

Activates your micro-macrocosmic energies an universal energies of the diamond in the frequencies of gold, platinum, uranian light.

Diamond light represents the absolute and indestructible and your body of light, and it makes you a protection around your aura. Your diamond body of light it is protected and purified by your angels, dolphins, elohin, gods –goddesses, dragons… it is crystalline in nature or the crystalline property of the spiritual light. When you develop spiritually, your guides like angels “polish” your diamond to perfection. Your diamond it is your first connection to the spiritual world

Uses the Anthakarana symbol – Very ancient symbol. It goes back to Lemuria and Atlantida civilizations.


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