Buddha’s Touch – The Dragon Wings – Certified




124 Page Manual

6 Audio attunements

4 Video

What you will learn

  • Learn a new Energy Healing Modality
  • Be attuned to a new Energy Source
  • Be able to be guided by the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha
  • Understand further the internal world of the existence
  • Change life through practice and meditation
  • Become a Certified Teacher~Practitioner of this modality – or you can use the energies for yourself.


  • Open heart and mind, practice upon the energy healing method and meditation in your time
  • Some familiarity with Energy Healing and Meditation.

 Description by the Founder of the system

Based upon the Teachings that I received from my beloved Ascended Master and Teacher, Gautama Buddha, I created this course to share with you my lessons on the Dragon Energy and the Five Divine Energies of Life, also known as the Five Dragons

I promise you a journey beyond time and space, travelling to the mythical times when the Dragon Energy conquered the Worlds. Combined with Eastern Philosophy and Energy Healing, together, in this course we will discover the Five Divine Energies of Life and create the Noble Path for our lives, so we may step out of the “state of pain”.

Allow me to explain shortly the structure of the course, so you may have a general image of how everything is going to be displayed

In the First Section you will be welcomed with an introduction that comes straight from Master Gautama Buddha, as I channeled it through my communications with him over the last years. Furthermore, you will learn about the Dragon Energy and we will proceed on the story, of Master Buddha’s incarnated life. To conclude with this section, I will present the general structure of Master Buddha’s teachings, also known as Sermons, which among other, are composed by the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path.

In the Second Section, will we go through anything you need to know, about the Dragon’s Wings ~ your main Attunement on the Dragon Energy. Anything you need to know about your attunement and about guiding others to their own attunement will be presented in this section. You will also receive your Activation Symbol, which you will use in all aspects that Dragon Energy evolves. In addition, you will learn all the necessary information about the Energy Healing with the Dragon Energy and how to execute healings on yourself and others. Reaching the end of this section, you will learn how to use the Dragon Energy in your meditation, so you may channel information, knowledge and guidance, though communications with the Divine. The final step of this section will be your attunement to the Dragon Energy, the Dragon’s Wings, which will be offered to you through an Advanced Guided Meditation.

In the third section, I will present to you important information to proceed with the awakening of your Soul. To start off, you will learn about your Consciousness, Spirit and Soul relationship and how to proceed with their unification, which once manifested, will offer you great benefits. You will receive extended information about your 7 Basic Chakras and a short presentation of your 49 Secondary Chakras. We will proceed on this section by introducing to you the Spheres of Wisdom, learn of their importance and their role in your existence and how they interact with your Soul’s maturity. Furthermore, you will learn about the Five Major Spiritual Soul States, which affect the evolution of your Soul, in the total of your incarnations, through your lifetimes and their correspondence with the Five Divine Energies of Life, also known as the Five Dragons. To conclude this section, you will experience your first unification between your Consciousness, Spirit and Soul, through an Advanced Guided Meditation.

In the next section, number 4, you will learn all that you need about the Five Divine Energies of Life ~ the Five Dragons  You will receive general information about them, as well as information about each one of the Divine Energies and enjoy the blessing of connecting with them, with mini attunements, which will be offered to you, again through Advanced Guided Meditations.

In the fifth section, you will learn about the Dragon’s Breath, which is the second and final level of your attunement to the Dragon Energy. Firstly, you will receive all information you need and then you will experience your final attunement to the Dragon Energy ~ the Dragon’s Breath, through an Advanced Guided Meditation.

In the final and sixth section, I will present the course’s conclusion and by this point, all information will have been connected, stating you ready to proceed and teach others on the Dragon Energy.

I will be waiting you inside the course, so our journey may begin

* Please note that all attunements are offered within the course, through Advanced Guided Meditations. This Meditations are presented to you as they were presented to me by Master Gautama Buddha, who is the one who will actually guide you and offer you the attunements  

Course outline


The Dragon Energy

The Story of Gautama Buddha

The Four Noble Truths and the Eight-fold Path

The Dragon’s Wings

All about Attunements

Invocation and your Activation Symbol

Energy Healing on Yourself and Others

Channeling the Dragon Energy for Distant Healing

Channeling the Dragon Energy for Divine Communication

Attunement on Dragon’s Wings ~ Advanced Guided Meditation

Awakening your Soul

Unifying Consciousness, Spirit and Soul

Chakras ~ Introduction

Chakras ~ Part 1 ~ The Three Lower

Chakras ~ Part 2 ~ The Bridge and Three Higher

The Spheres of Wisdom

The Five Major Soul State Levels

Soul Healing The first Unification (Guided Meditation)

The Five Dragons ~ The Five Energies


The First Dragon ~ Nature’s Energies

Connecting to Nature’s Energies ~ Guided Attunement

The Second Dragon ~ Celestial Energies

Connecting to Celestial Energies ~ Guided Attunement

The Third Dragon ~ Cosmic Energies

Connecting to Cosmic Energies ~ Guided Attunement

The Fourth Dragon ~ Energies of Existence

Connecting to Energies of the Existence ~ Guided Attunement

The Fifth Dragon ~ Divine Energy

Connecting to the Divine Energies ~ Guided Attunement

The Dragon’s Breath

The Dragon’s Breath

Attunement on Dragon’s Breath ~ Advanced Guided Meditation



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