Buddha’s Touch – The Lion’s Mane – Certified



What you will learn

  • Receive 2 new attunements on the Dragon Energy
  • Learn 1 new Activation Symbol for healing purposes
  • Activate your inner wisdom and receive divine protection


  • Completion of the “Buddha’s Touch ~ The Dragon’s Wings” course


Welcome to the “Buddha’s Touch ~ the Lion’s Mane” course

From the founder: With great honor I present to you the second and final level of this healing modality. Through the teachings of the beloved Ascended Master and Teacher, Gautama Buddha, in this course you will fulfill your apprenticeship on the Dragon Energy, by apprenticing on the Lion Energy, which is the one that compliments and elevates the Dragon Energy.

In this final level you will receive 2 new attunements, which will offer you an elevation on your consciousness, providing peace of mind and access to your inner wisdom, while you will receive installations of divine protection. You will also learn 1 new Activation Symbol, which will help you in your healings towards yourself and others, in your meditations for awakening purposes and in your everyday life as a protective shield.

Finally, you will experience guided meditations, through which you will travel to the spiritual world of the dragons and come into connection with the Divine Dragons of Healing, of Awakening and of Enlightenment. Though these meditations, you will work with the Dragon Energy for different purposes and you will expand your understanding and your awareness on the majestic world of the Dragons and of their divine energy.

I hope that you will find this course helpful, the information provided valuable and that you will enjoy every moment of learning

* Please keep in mind that all attunements are offered within the course, through Advanced Guided Meditations. These Meditations are presented to you as they were presented to me by Master Gautama Buddha, who is the one who will actually guide you and offer you the attunements *

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me Hope to see you inside the course

Who this course is for:

  • Interested in expanding your connection with the Dragon Energy
  • Interesting in evolving your healing abilities and awareness with the Dragon Energy

Course content

Section 1: Introduction

  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. The Lion Energy
  3. The Divine Flying Lions
  4. Channeling from the Ascended Master Buddha

Section 2: Attunements and Activation Symbol

  1. All about Attunements
  2. Your new Activation Symbol
  3. How to draw your new Activation Symbol

Section 3: Guided Meditations for your Attunements

  1. Attunement on the Lion’s Mane ~ Guided Meditation
  2. Attunement on the Lion’s Roar ~ Guided Meditation

Section 4: Guided Meditations with the Dragon Energy

  1. Healing with the Dragon Energy ~ Guided Meditation
  2. Awakening with the Dragon Energy ~ Guided Meditation
  3. Enlightenment with the Dragon Energy ~ Guided Meditation



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