Being an Angel Empowerment – Ramon Martinez Lopez



Activate Your Angelic DNA, Bring Angelic Properties to Aura, Angel Communication

These attunements are designed to bring the energies and qualities of angels into your life/being you will grow in forgiveness, love, compassion, strength, awareness, wisdom, healing ability and other angelic qualities.  It also leads to full conscious communication with angels.

You are attuned, empowered, protected and activated in the following:

  • Shinning like a star
  • Activate your angelic DNA, the angelic properties of bliss and unconditional love
  • Bring angelic properties to your aura, like compassion, wisdom, healing.
  • Soul fusion and integration of the light in your physical body and aura with no side effect do to worldly energy or electromagnetic field changes. Ready for the new energy of the planet earth.
  • Communication with angels
  • You are shield against negative energies



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