Archangel Asariel



Archangel Asariel Attunements by Ramon Martinez – Channeling, Meditation, Release past traumas, treat addictions and more

The Archangel Asariel

The Angel of Pisces

Also Known As: Azariel.


“Whom God has bound” (oath)

The Patron Angel of Water

Archangel Asariel is the angel governing the waters of the earth and also one of the twenty-eight angels governing the twenty-eight mansion of the moon.
Archangels Asariel’s gifts and strengths are: Intuition, Dreams, Emotions, Spirituality, Inner Soul Life.

Archangel Asariel guards the fluid and empathic energies of our subconscious and our creative essences. This Archangel also has dominion over the waters of the earth and the abundance of life that exists there.

Archangel Asariel has an important part in our dreams and our intuitive wisdom

Archangel Asariel teaches through inner wisdom, understanding and spirituality.

The Guardian Archangel of water also protects our inner emotional waters and reflects the love that is undeniably ours and forever available to us from the universe.


like reiki

you can print the mandala and use the mantra of Asariel for healing and creating and emotional harmonic ambient.

It is also good for channeling through dreaming

And Very useful for meditation at night.

Release past traumas

Treat addictions

You are attuned to:

Archangel Asariel

the mandala

the mantra


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