Apiputih Attunement



Api Putih by Ramon Martinez Lopez – Indonesian Shamanism/Tantric Shamanism -for Remote Healing, Personal Protection, Psychic/Black Magic Protection

The mantras used in this system carry the essence of Indonesian Shamanism and Tantric Shamanism, and are useful for remote healing other people, personal protection, the ability to attract any man or woman as your lover. However, the greatest ability is to transfer any psychic capability in just a few minutes. Then all you have to do is gain some experience working with it.

MACAN, tiger

API, fire

PUTIH, white

  • paralyze your enemies
  • gives your authority back,
  • psychic protection
  • black magic protection
  • purifies your aura

What you receive:

Manual by Ramon Martinez Lopez

Attunement via chi ball

Certificate after receiving attunement


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