Aos Si Realms Empowerments by Ramon – Receive the Ancient Wisdom of Aos Si, Kumaras – the Fairies, Light Elves, and More




According to esoteric tradition, life exists throughout this solar system. Though invisible to the untrained eye, millions of souls on other planets provide to the overall spiritual environment of our solar system and galaxy. Our choices on earth also greatly impact their destiny.

The reason why our scientists cannot detect these life forms is because there are several dimensions within the physical plane that vibrate at different frequencies. They vibrate at a higher frequency that corresponds to the etheric plane. Some people who have clairvoyance would be able to perceive these life forms, just as they are able to perceive ghosts and demons within the astral plane of earth; fairies, gnomes, and leprechauns within elemental life; and angels and celestial cities in the etheric plane.

The highest masters of these realms of light are:

KUMARAS that means here “the green ones,” and “eternal youth” who found immortality by drinking the Water of Life.

The aos sí is the Irish term for a supernatural race in Irish mythology and Scottish mythology, (usually spelled Sìth, however pronounced the same) comparable to the fairies or elves. They are variously said to be the ancestors, the spirits of nature, or goddesses and gods.

Receive their ancient wisdom

Alfheim: Home of the Light Elves

Alfheim (In Old Norse Ālfheimr) is right next to Asgard in the heaven. The light elves are beautiful creatures. They are considered the “guardian angels” The god Freyr, is the ruler of Alfheim. The Light elves are minor gods of nature and fertility; they can help or hinder humans with their knowledge of magical powers. They also often delivered an inspiration to art or music.

Alfheim: the home of the light elves

Receive their ancient wisdon

Nidavellir: Home of the Dwarves

Nildavellir (In Old Norse Niðavellir) is the home of the dwarves, they live under the rocks, in caves and underground. Hreidmar was the king of Nidavellir, Nidavellir means Dark fields. The dwarves are masters of craftsmanship to The gods of Asgard, the Aesir have received many powerful gifts. Like Thor’s hammer, the magical ring Draupnir and also Gungnir, Odin’s spear.

Receive their ancient wisdom

The faeries are also known as the Everliving Ones and are sometimes described as shining beings. They have glass asallaíoch: green magic and can appear as a shimmering green sky light. They guard the Well of Forgetfullness so that people will not remember what they have done.

Receive their ancient wisdom of magic and healing

Diamond was a temple allegedly constructed by the Tuatha De Danaan using sacred geometry in the hills, that it was built around 3000 BC, and that it aligns with the midsummer sunrise, creating an exact latitude measurement. The temple was part of a religious project undertaken by the mythical people known as the Tuatha De Danaan to create a sacred marriage of the sun and the earth. The Tuath(a) Dé Danann (usually translated as “people(s)/tribe(s) of the goddess Danu”), also known by the earlier name Tuath Dé (“tribe of the gods”), are a race of supernaturally-gifted people in Irish mythology.

Receive their ancient wisdom of the order of light and earth energy forming one.

(pron. TOO-tha day DAH-noo, DOO-nah SHEE, MAH GOO-iv, SEE-lee, NAH-hihr) Immortal beings created by a great serpent, the Green Dragon of Erin: Water from Heaven that can appear small or large through magic. It invaded the energy field with new light of creation.

This empowerment releases the ancestor’s spiritual energy back to your 15th generation tree, to renew your energy system. Receive their ancient energy renewed.


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