Angelic Diksha Attunement




By Ramon Martinez Lopez.

This system includes the following empowerments:

1. Namo diksha tuayi

2.Diksha water

3.angelic diksha mantras:

3.a. I surround in myself, I surrender my all.

3.b I expand the love that I am to the entire cosmos and beyond.

You have direct access to the Divine within. This is your birthright. All minds are One and sharing in the presence of a cosmic mind that has opened up. This diksha is given by angelic Beings of Light. These beings are experienced as divine Consciousnesses of unconditional. Each one of these Consciousnesses supports you through the various stages of your wakefulness.

Diksha is the transference of spiritual energy.

There are various forms of Diksha and different ways in which Diksha can be received, ie through touch, sight, word or mantra, ritual or ceremony.

The expression is derived from the Sanskrit root dā (“to give”;) plus ki (“to destroy”;) or alternately from the verb root dīk (“to consecrate”;).

mano-diksa is when initiation is performed in the mind and set in the heart. They fill with love you mind and body.

The Heart diksha flows from angelic kingdom

It has the power to release trauma, physical, mental and emotional. The energies flow directly to the physical heart and heart chakra. It often brings many emotional openings to the receiver and a heightened emotional state is experienced for a while. this is a very deep and profound healing as we are meant to feel.

The Healing Heart Diksha will release emotional pain, release anger and resentment and purify the energy system. It brings deep healing to the physical heart and the physical body as a whole. It has powerful grounding energies and brings you into your heart and into your connection with Mother Earth and your own Spirit.


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