Analcime Attunement




By Ramon.

Analcime or analcite is a stone that produces many colors that is used for a number of things in energy work and crystal spell. It is said to heighten mental clarity in a creative and individual way. This brings more uniqueness and creativity into life, especially where others try to restrain the nature. Analcime has stabilizing energy that can help steady on all levels. It is particularly useful for energy work for teamwork, harmonious relations with others, coping with change, and comfortable transformations. Physically, Analcime is used in crystal healing and folk healing for diabetes, pancreas problems, water retention, strengthen muscles and muscle structure, organic problems that reduce mental clarity such as brain tumors, Alzheimer. Analcime is stimulating to the Heart Chakra. Analcite is a Zeolite, so it also has the energies of Zeolites; detox effect.


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