Akh Ka Dua Prayers Attunements – Ramon Martinez Lopez



Knowledge, Nourishment and Cure from all Diseases and more

Dua is a prayers made by Muslims and archangel Gabriel is the link for communications, to make clear your prayers in the highest vibration of love and light. Also Dua has its roots in Atlantis. It was applied by major civilizations throughout history including shamans and ancient Egypt. In fact, Dua is Egyptian for the light. Each civilization had a portion of this energy.

The energy provides knowledge, plentiful nourishment and cure from all diseases.

Akh was an effective spirit, one could still influence events in this world. The akh and ka were believed to need a preserved body in order to exist.

The “ka” in ancient Egyptian mythology represents several things: the ka is a symbol of the response of the life powers from each man from the gods, it is the foundation of these powers, and it is the spiritual twin that resides with every man.

Use to activate the breath of life or prana energy to infuse your energy system and chakras.

Energy practitioners who use other modalities such as Reiki, have noted that the Dua prayer boosts their work



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