Adamantine-Vayra Armor Mantras Empowerments and Tibetan Mantras Healing Empowerments of the Elements by Ramon Martinez Lopez



Adamantine-Vayra armor mantras Empowerments™ and Tibetan mantras healing empowerments of the elements

An ultimate healing system

Channeled by Ramón Martínez Lopez


The Vairocanabhisambodhi-sutra was a work in the history of Tantric Buddhism, offering one of the first fully developed expositions of this form of Buddhism.

In India and Tibet it came to be secret as a Carya Tantra, or “Practice Tantra,” corresponding to the second category of what was to become in Tibet the standard fourfold classification of Buddhist tantras, only to be eventually superseded to a large degree by the Sarvatathagatatattva samgraha and the large body of literature spawned by this latter text (corresponding to the Yoga and Anuttarayoga Tantras).

In East Asia, on the other hand, the Vairocana -bhisambodhi-sutra has remained together with the Sarvatathagata tattva samgraha one of the two basic texts of Esoteric Buddhism and could indeed be said to have been the more influential of the two. (A translation of the Sarvatathagata -tattva samgraha, under the title Adamantine Pinnacle Sutra, appears in the volume Two Esoteric Sutras, Numata Center, 2001

To date no manuscript of the original Sanskrit text of the Vairocana bhisambodhi-sutra has been discovered (although a number of passages are either referenced in other Sanskrit works or preserved in Chinese transcription), but it was translated into Chinese (Taisho no. 848) and Tibetan (Peking no. 126).

The Sanskrit title preserved in the Tibetan translation is Mahavairocana bhisambodhi – vikurvita dhirsthana-vaipulya sutrendraraja-nama-dharmaparyaya (Dharma Discourse…. and you will find more information in the manual if you receive

In this workshop you are attuned and empowered to the Ritual of the mystic seal of the adamantine armor mantra

And the later Tibetan vajra armor mantra

And cosmic diamond armor mantra

And how to empower elements with unique mantras

Also you are going to know how to be prepare for a ritual healing, meditation and shield.

Able to remove evil-minded beings of extreme ferocity,

You will see adamantine blazing fiery light all over the ground.

Overcome negative forces. Remove many negative forces and illnesses.

By merely binding this ritual [seal], immeasurable armies of the heavenly negative forces and other obstructors will all most certainly disperse.

With it and adamantine armor, and on description of this secret embellishment you will become indestructible, like a vajra in nature. All those who hear your voice or see or touch you will most certainly be with all merits completely accomplished, and you will be equal to the World-honored One Vairocana, with no difference.

The Vajra Armor Mantra is not only a powerful healing method, but a deep path to illumination,

This is the first level for practitioner only


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