21-Day Reiki attunement Journal with fillable form fields



If you have just started your Reiki journey or if you are teaching Reiki, then this journal is for you.

With fillable form fields so that you do not need to print out.

Your Reiki attunement removes blockages and stagnant energy from the chakras and is the beginning of a 21-day spiritual cleanse. During this cleanse, you may have emotional releases that arise. The emotions you may experience will vary depending on what you need to release. The effects may also be subtle or unnoticeable. Everyone has different experiences, and regardless of what you experience, it is all part of the process of self healing.

The 21-day cleansing process is divided into 3 chakra cycles. During each 7-day cycle, the energy flows through each chakra releasing blockages and increasing the energy flow.

Use the following pages to journal your attunement process, including any intentions for your attunement, your attunement experience, your daily practice, and any emotions that may arise while you are going through the Spiritual cleanse.

Table of Contents

Page 3: Attunement Intention
Page 4: Post Attunement Journal Worksheet
Page 5: Reiki Principles
Page 6: Self Treatment Hand Placement
Page 7: Self Treatment Calendar
Page 8: Reiki Journal