Shamanic Courses

Ask any group of people what the definition is of shamanism and you may get many different answers. It is agreed that shamanism has been part of our world since prehistoric times and yet there is some conflict and controversy as to what exactly it means to be a shaman. Part of the conflict has to do with the fact that shamanism is a spiritual practice that has such a long history and it has ties to many different and diverse cultural groups. But it is often agreed upon that a shaman is a person who is a spiritual healer and one who has a strong connection to the sacred world. The shaman connects to spirit guides, and also to animal guides, through sacred rituals that involve, and yet are not limited to, trance-like meditation, lucid dreaming, divination, and out of body experiences.

In this way they help to restore spiritual, mental and physical balance to a particular individual or to the community that they are connected with. The word shaman is said to have come from the Tungus language of Siberia and referred to holy people in this region who worked as healers and seekers. It is not a gender-based word and can be applied in the same way to both men and women.

A shaman gains insight into what needs healing and restoring in an individual or community by working with the spirits of animals, trees, the land and from the spirits of past ancestors. All of these carry a wealth of information that the shaman can connect with and use in their work. The connection is made by the shaman to the spirits through a shift of consciousness that involves entering a trance-like state through meditation that often involves the use of rattles, drumming and/or chanting.

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Munay Ki Rites of Transformation

You know if you are called to this work; you will be wanting to receive and also learn how to gift these nine great initiations to others, you will know by the yearning in your soul for something other than that which you are experiencing in the world.  You already know deep within you that there is another way to live, another way to participate in creation.  As you gift these Rites on to others, so you grow them within you.

During your time with us the shifts and changes that occur in our luminous energy field alone supports our evolution. For we are evolving even between generations, we are becoming homo luminous – the next step on from homo sapiens sapiens (human who knows it all!!)  We are evolving into the shining ones, the bright ones, who the Inka call Children of the Sun.  We are the ones we have been waiting for!


AmaDeus Shamanic Healing

Ama Deus is a very Sacred and powerful Energy system that originates from the central rainforest of Brazil.

Ama Deus includes a special Lineage Mantra that is activated to open a portal for the Lineage Masters to bestow their Loving Light and Inspiration!

Ama Deus then becomes likened to the beauty of the sacred Irapuru bird. A beauty that is Divine! The Holiness of Ama Deus is sanctified in the lineage Initiation. This Initiation comes with a special visualization and technique. The Initiation is the KEY that unlocks the Comradeship and Power of the Ama Deus lineage.

Over 26 symbols, which include: De-possession symbol, Birthday symbol, All-purpose energy, Heart attunements, Healing Moon symbol, Long distance symbol, Purification symbol, Friend symbol, Emergency symbol, and World leader symbol.

Once you have received the attunements you are able to pass them on to others.

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Shamanic Home Study Courses Levels 1, 2 and 3

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One Spirit 1 & 2

One Spirit is a very powerful healing energy. It uses your heart, unconditional love and symbols. One Spirit takes you on a sacred journey inside yourself so that you can delve deeper beneath the surface and see your true self in all its majesty. Within all of us there are Animal Totems who protect our chakras. There are animals with their own special abilities that guard each of our chakras. Therefore, each Chakra has its own Animal Guardian Spirit.

This healing modality is very similar to Reiki n that it teaches you how to heal self and others, how to send energy distantly and remotely and works to heal all levels, mind, body and spirit. In addition, One Spirit teaches you important lessons about how to love and forgive yourself unconditionally and without bias or judgment. One Spirit connects you to your animal guardians, animal totems and spirit guides. It works with animals and nature. You will learn how to meet your animal guides and how to get to know them, how to help heal each other and how to work together for specific goals including healing self, others, animals and Mother Earth. We are all connected.

We all have one mind, body, heart and Spirit. One Spirit is a powerful Energy System and is especially helpful to those interested in Animal Healing, Shamanism, Totem Animals or Native American Tribal Culture.

Sacred Breath & One Spirit

Sacred Breath is a Journey of remembering.  A beautiful healing system that combines many different therapies.

  • Introduction & History The Breath
  • Breath of the East Wind and the Elemental
  • Breath of Air Breath of the West and the Elemental
  • Breath of Water Breath of the South and the Elemental
  • Breath of Fire
  • Breath of the North and the Elemental Breath of Earth
  • Breath of the Rainbow Breathing in the Moon
  • Breathing in the Sun
  • Crystal Clearing Breath
  • Dolphin Breath/Meditation
  • Healing With Sound
  • Hand Positions
  • Additional Information/Aides
  • Bach Flower Remedies
  • Healing With Essential Oils/Herbs
  • Gifts of the Stone Lodge People
  • Chakras
  • Ethereal Crystals/Stones
  • Animal Medicine/Totems
  • Working With Colors
  • Feather Healing/ The Winged Ones
  • Cardinal Directions
  • Smudging Ceremony
  • Attunement Process