Tantric Golden Hearts Flourish Attunement – Opening the Heart


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The tantric golden hearts flourish attunement™ , founded by Ramon Martinez Lopez

With your purchase you will receive all attunements, manual, and a certificate.

 First level:


To connect your sexual energy with your heart energy and create an energetic union with a partner

— first by moving a wave of energy back and forth between each other’s call the universal energy and say golden light and let the energy flow,

and then by creating a circle of energy moving between each other’s heart and sex centers. Take your time to visualize the golden light moving back and forth between each other

The focus of this practice is to integrate breath and creative visualization to gently fine tune and synchronize with each other’s energetic rhythm.

You are attuned to universal golden tantric energy

The energies are similar to reiki, so you can have a healing effect during the process. Emotional outburst or ecstasies experiences can be expected.

Practice is the key to develop the energies.

“Mind and cosmic wave cohesion” it is the second level


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