Master healing crystal grid attunement



Proustite strengthens, clears and protects the energy field.

Chakra(s): Root & Earthstar

Element: Earth


  • Grounding
  • Healing
  • Protection


  • Against Psychic Vampirism
  • Against Etheric Parasites
  • Against Energy Attachments


  • Activation of Root Chakra
  • Connection To Earth
  • Healing Shadow-Self
  • Spiritual Grounding


Metaphysical Properties:

  • Helps reclaim one’s shadow self from the depts
  • Works to bring this material back to conscious awareness
  • Aids in grounding spiritual energy into the body and the earth
  • Activates Root chakra and links it to the Earthstar chakra
  • Great assistance for those whose path leads them downwards
  • Speeds the process of spiritual transformation by bringing up the lost parts of the self for healing
  • Repairs one’s connection to the body
  • Beneficial to psychically sensitive people who easily become ungrounded
  • Aids in overcoming jet lag
  • Purifies the physical and spiritual bodies
  • Helps overcome issues with sexuality

Healing Properties:

  • Purifies The Blood
  • Combats Viral and Bacterial Infections
  • Strong Anti-Fungal and Anti-Parasitic Ally


Vivianite CRYSTAL

is great for meditation allowing you to easily quiet your mind and be open to receive messages from your heart. It helps remove negative thoughts, acting as an auric cleanser and is very good for your heart, both on a physical and emotional level. It helps remove self-inflicted wounds and improves low self-esteem. Vivianite creates a generous heart, helping you to see the inter-connectedness and love that truly binds everything. It’s a great stone of peace, love, compassion, caring and spiritual illumination. It gives you the strength to carry on through great adversity! Vivianite is a powerful healer, reminding your body how to heal itself. It opens your Throat Chakra and connects with and clears all of your Chakras, including your Higher Heart and Crown. You’ll notice that it becomes quite hot with use, and burns away any illness or negativity held within your body. It stimulates your body’s own healing process for both illness and injury, and aids iron assimilation, making it useful in treatment of anemia. On top of all this, Vivianite assists mental clarity, and can possibly be used to treat cases of dementia.


Metaphysical Properties- the red color of Zincite IS very stimulating and passionate; it increases life force energy as well as sexual energy, this allows us to experience the feelings of joy, passion and of being in a committed relationship. Use Zincite to transcend these passionate feelings into the physical body. Use the orange Zincite crystal when you need to add creativity into your life. This can be any type of creativity, from writing a book to starting a family. The yellow variety of Zincite can be used to transmute feelings of inadequacy to feelings of fearlessness This yellow crystal will feed our will power and give us courage to face everyday fears. I have found Zincite to work very well in conjunction with other stones. the Zincite will work to transmute that energy.

Zincite with Chrysocolla is a good combination to increase the flow of prana energy, while keeping you calm and nurtured.


Chrysocolla is generally associated with peace and tranquility, as well as intuition, patience and unconditional love. It is often thought to offer gentle and soothing qualities, it is believed to be a powerful source of life-force energy, as well as a stone for feminine empowerment; helping to build feminine energies and cam emotions.

Chrysocolla helps to clear the subconscious of negative feelings of guilt, fears and tension, and brining up inner strength. It aids in releasing old resentment and in forgiving people you’ve been holding resistance to. It is exceptionally helpful in dealing with the anger and pain associated with rape, or abuse of any kind.

It is told to be quite useful to one for expressing those emotions which are fire based, such as anger, fear, passion or excitement. Chrysocolla has been known to raise the metabolism to assist in rectifying an imbalance or to help in losing weight.

Chrysocolla is known to promote level headedness, encouraging clarity of thought and a neutral, calm attitude during turbulence. It can also be used to decrease nervousness and irritability.

Healing Properties:

Chrysocolla is best known among Native American Indian cultures for its capability of strengthening the body’s resistance and bringing about calm feeling where there has been upset and turmoil. It enhances creativity in all, female energy and communication, as well as relieving ulcers and arthritis.

Magical Properties:

Energy: Receptive

Element: Water

Powers: Peace, Wisdom and Love

Chrysocolla makes abridge of energy between the Earth and the Sky, the physical and the spiritual planes. A stone with very feminine energies, chrysocolla ease the mental and emotional pains of any troubled relationship by relieving tension and bringing out your inner strengths.

When attempting to remove yourself from a troublesome or even dangerous relationship or situation, especially those filled with emOtional tension, draw a nine inch circle on a piece of paper. Set a pieCE of chrysocolla in the center of the circle, sit and meditate on what this situation is costing you in manners of self-esteem, physical danger, emotional stress and psychological duress, as well as monetarily. Force yourself to see it for it’s full and true ugliness….no excuses! Do this for nine nights, each time moving the stone closer and closer to the edge of the circle. In the meantime, take whatever measures are appropriate and necessary for you to be safe. By the end of the ninth night, you should be able to remove the stone completely from the circle.

If however, you have procrastinated, and taken to steps to physically help remove yourself from this situation, moving the stone to the edge of the circle will not gain you freedom from the problem. You may start again, but you should consider why you were unable to do it the first time, before beginning again.



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