Love & Soul Mate Package


Includes 44 manuals and attunements sent by chi ball method, for you to call in when you are ready.  Once you have received the attunements, you are able to pass them on to others and charge for them. You will receive one certificate on completion of the attunement package.


Includes the following manuals and attunements / empowerments:


  • Aengus Love Empowerment
  • Aphrodite Beauty Ray
  • Apollo’s Ray
  • Follow your Heart
  • Heart of Gold
  • Heart Vortex
  • Heartache Healer
  • I am saying Yes to love
  • Inner Beauty Passionate
  • Karmic Relationships Clearing
  • Kiss Energetic Healing
  • Lady Venus Heart
  • Lord Maitreya Love Initiations
  • Love & Peace Alignment
  • Love and Friendship Manifestation
  • Love and Romance Karma
  • Love Empowerment
  • Love Flush 1 & 2
  • Love from the Source
  • Love Ignition Flash
  • Love Cocoons
  • Luminous Love Essence
  • New Love, Light and Hope
  • Oceans of Love
  • Open Heart Reiki
  • Passionate Energetic Charger
  • Pearl of Love
  • Platinum Ring Mate
  • Relationship Care
  • Relationship Repair Shakti
  • Relationship Transformation Reiki
  • Self Love Reiki
  • 7 Rays of Love (48 pages)
  • Soul to Soul, Heart to Heart
  • Soulmate Reiki
  • Super Beauty Love Radiance
  • Supreme Heart Light
  • Sweet Smile Energy
  • Unconditional Love Empowerment
  • Valentine’s Day Empowerment
  • Venus
  • Wheel of Love
  • Wild Soul Free Spirit

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