Reconnection of Coral Ray



By Ramon Martinez Lopez. From the manual:

Because of Reconnection and alignment the sacred love. This is the purest light and integration and unification of male and female cosmic energy.

Coral ray Reconnection It is hearted to connect the ley lines of our planet, the meridian lines of the human body and the universal energy grid as axiatonal lines.

What Is A Ray?

Simply stated, a Ray is a force containing a purpose that divides its efforts into two measurable and perceptible powers: light and sound. It is a particular force or type of energy, with the emphasis upon the quality which that force exhibits and not upon the form aspect which it creates.

Light and sound are the building blocks of our universe and everything in our world of thought, feeling and action, contains them. The human aura contains the twin matrix powers of light and sound, and connects in the spin points of the etheric human body and often a healer with developed psychic abilities will note certain colors and sound frequencies in the aura when rendering a diagnosis. Nature mimics a similar pattern. Describe in sacred geometry. Each specific color and sound carries a certain vibration creating and producing different results.

Coray ray reconnection able to communicate through nerve endings, neuro-structures and communications.

The blessings of the Coral Ray are self-support, empowerment, true communication and self-activation.

The Coral Ray will return the urge and the longing for humandking to form communities. Groups of like-minded people, friends, artists, healers, communicators, idealists and creators of all forms will find each other. Soul groups will come together and prepare to shift their frequencies to the New World. Soul families will start to pull together. Addictions to false loves, cries for attention, social obligation and insubstantial friendships will quickly fall away. Most people will be inspired to step forward and declare their purpose to the world. It is a time of delightful surprises, immediate connections and playful encounters, as many will surprise themselves for the very first time.

The Coral Ray will enter at the crown and will fill the Creator up with a sweet life giving fluid, like the waters of the womb. This will aid in co-creation and preparation of rebirth in the New World. It is more or less that you become a womb yourself.

The Coral Ray is the source of love and all life, celebrating creativity and is delighted that you are ready to receive it.

Some of the PROPERTIES:

  • Activates the Sacral Chakra
  • Encourages one to indulge in life’s sensory experiences
  • Enables the ability to move forward with endeavors
  • Motivates one to stand firm in opposition
  • Assist in bringing one’s spiritual vision into manifestation of creativity.
  • Increases fertility
  • Increases discernment and good judgment
  • Releases mental tension and all unwanted thoughts
  • Opens the mind to beauty and intuition
  • Restores balance within the body
  • Aids in the grounding of one’s ideas into reality
  • Helpful in removing any blocked energy from negative sexual experiences of the past
  • Inspires one to be more confident and creative in expressing his/her passion
  • Regulates interaction with the external world
  • Embraces one to be aware of their individual self and soul groups.

You receive: 7 reconnection sessions (1 hour each, remotely by chi ball method), 1 pdf manual, 1 pdf certificate upon request.

 This is not teacher level.  You can only pass this attunement on after receiving the Reconnection of Rainbow Titanium Blue Flame.


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