Buddha Energies Package


The value of these attunements is £1 280.  Includes 31 PDF manuals and more than 33 attunements, plus one bonus e-book: 10 Healing Mudras.

You receive PDF manuals and 1 certificate emailed to you, with attunements sent by chi ball method for you to call in at your convenience.

Once you have received the attunements you are able to pass them on to others.



The value of these attunements is £1 280.  Includes the following manuals and attunements:

  1. Blue Lotus Energy Healing
  2. Buddha Palm Ki
  3. Lama Fera Healing
  4. Lotus Petal Reiki
  5. Amithaba Attunements
  6. Buddha Initiations
  7. Buddha’s Healing Hands – FREE
  8. Buddha’s Perfect Blue Light
  9. Chenrezig Reiki
  10. Energy of the Bodivattas
  11. Five Dhayani Buddhas
  12. Goddess Red Tara
  13. Goddess Yellow Tara
  14. Lights of Medicine Buddha
  15. Lord Maitreya Love Initiations
  16. Lotus Body Vibration
  17. Lotus Frequency Matrix
  18. LW Amida Buddha
  19. LW Buddha’s Bliss
  20. LW Green Tara Initiation
  21. LW Tempaii Empowerment
  22. LW White Tara Initiation
  23. LW Maitreya Initiation
  24. Maitreya Light Initiation
  25. Medicine Buddha Reiki
  26. Namgyalma Mother Buddha Reiki
  27. Setrap Empowerment
  28. Setrap Maitri Bhavana Empowerments
  29. Shivakakomarpaj Activation Ceremony
  30. Tathagata Reiki
  31. Violet Lights of Buddha

Free E-Book: 10 Healing Mudras



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