Ascended Masters Package


Comprises 92 manuals and attunements sent by chi ball method, to call in when you are ready. Once you have received the attunements, you are able to pass them on to others and charge for them. You will receive a certificate on completion of the attunement package.


If each attunement is purchased separately this package comes to in excess of £1200

Includes the following manuals and attunements:

  • El Morya Healing Amora – Ray of Unity Ascended Master Kuthumi Ascended Masters Connection Ascended Masters LinkAshtar’s Healing Rays

    Astral Star

    Atlantis Crystal Elixir

    Aura Ganesha Radiance

    Babaji Empowerment

    Babaji Siri Chand

    Buddha Initiations

    Buddha’s Healing

    Cloak of Jesus

    Goddess Kuan Yin

    Diamond Heart

    Diamond of Zapharel

    Diamond Ray of Quan Yin

    Divine Rays

    Divine Source Mandala

    El Morya’s Shielding Empowerment

    Gajah Mada Ray Energy

    Guru Ram Das

    Hands of Jesus

    John the Baptist

    Kuan Yin 1 – 7

    Kuthumi Animal Healing Light

    Kuthumi Initiation

    Lady Nada

    Lavender Flame

    Light of Christ Activation

    Lord Kartikeya Protection Shield

    Lord Ashtar Sheran Protection

    Lord Ramatis

    Luranis High Energy Initiation

    Maha Choan

    Mahatma Ascension & Enlightenment

    Mahatma Ascension Initiations

    Mahatma Avatar de Synthesis

    Mahatma God’s Grid

    Mahatma Reiki

    Mahavatar Bhaji Christ

    Maitreya Initiation

    Maitreya Light

    Maitreya’s Education and Inspiration

    Melchizedek Initiation

    Melchizedek Synthesis Ray


    Metatron Link

    Metatron Ascension Energy System

    Milarepa Yogy

    Moses Braveness

    Mother Mary

    New Energies of St Germain

    New Energy Portal Grids of Kuthumi

    Order of Gold Light

    Our Lady of Guadalupe Intercession

    Paul the Venetian

    Planetary Rays

    Rainbow Transformation

    Responsive Nadi Renewal

    Risen Empowerment

    Sacred Geometry Reiki

    Sacred Heart of Jesus

    Saint Teresa Healing Currents

    Sanat Kumara

    Serapis Bey


    Star of Zapharel

    Strength Movers of the Light

    St Germain Initiation

    St Germain’s 7th Dimensional

    St Germain’s Violet Flame

    St Germain Cross of Malta

    Saints Level 1

    Touch of Jesus Activation

    Truth Ray Infusion

    Universal Rays

    Universal Spiritual Harmony

    Violet Lights of Buddha

    White Brotherhood

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